HideMyAss VPN Review

3.3/5 (961 Votes)

HideMyAss has been a popular VPN service provider for last 13 years. It has recently been updated to bring new features enhancing the functionality of the service. HideMyAss VPN has around 800 servers in more than 200 countries all around the globe. You can connect to the internet from whatever country you want using HideMyAss VPN.


Key Features:

- Connect 5 devices simultaneously with a single subscription

- Wide and robust server network with servers in almost all countries

- Peer to peer and BitTorrent downloads allowed

- Supportive round the clock customer service

- User friendly interface and experience

- 1-month money back guarantee

- Unlimited traffic allows

- High quality encryption


If you are looking for a month to month payment plan, HideMyAss will set you back $11.50 per month, however a 12-month plan costs around $79 which is about $6.56 a month. If you're not sure if you will be needing the VPN service for that long, you can also buy a 6-month plan for $49.99 which averages out to $8.33 per month.

Subject to certain conditions you can ask for refund in first 30 days if you are not satisfied with the service or no longer need it.


Device Compatibility

You can download HideMyAss on pretty much any device running Windows, MacOS, Android, Linux and iOS. You can have 5 connections at a time on a single subscription.


Ease of Use

The latest iteration of the service has further improved the user friendliness of the VPN. It offers three modes you can pick from including instant mode, location mode and freedom mode.

Instant mode allows you to connect to the fastest server that is closest to you. It will give safe and quick connection you want right away. Location mode enables you to choose the country you want your connection to initiate from. This feature can be used to consume censored content and unlock geo-restricted websites. Freedom mode is about getting you access to the free uncensored internet while you are in a country that imposes restrictions on the internet.

If you want more control over the settings and connections, you should download HideMyAss VPN Client Version 2. It's a comprehensive version that gives you control over IP address settings, kill switch etc.

Privacy and Security

HideMyAss VPN is based in the UK where consumer protection laws are quite strong. Unfortunately, this also means that HideMyAss is required by law to store some of your activity logs.

Apart from that, HideMyAss is quite an airtight service when it comes to security. It uses OpenSSL encryption protocol to protect your data and has all the checks and balances in place to keep users safe.


HideMyAss VPN sees a minor decline in speed, however, it's barely noticeable. If you connect through US servers, the service remains exceptionally speedy.


Final Word

Taking all things into account, HideMyAss is a solid option to use as a VPN in terms of performance, price and security. However, if you are looking to download movies or other content through illegal means such as torrent, then it might not be the best option for you.


Performance 4.5/5 Reasonable performance. Some glitches in between.
Device Compatibility 5/5 Compatible with all devices.
Privacy & Security 4/5 Decent privacy & security features. Not as good as others.
Pricing 4.5/5 Not too expensive, not too cheap either.
Features 4.5/5 Respectable feature set.

Overall Score 4.5/5


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