SaferVPN Review

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In a rather crowded and competitive space of VPN services, SaferVPN is a new name but has made a name for itself in relatively quick time. The service claims that it's the fastest and the easiest to use VPN service in the world and provides that ease of use and performance without sacrificing privacy and security. Let's see how the service fares.


Key Features:

- Enables you to have 5 simultaneous connections

- One day free trial and one month money back guarantee

- Zero activity logging is there with the exception of connection and location logging

- Gives you access to 700 servers in 34 countries

- Allows you to circumvent geolocation censoring on online content and services including Netflix

- Includes security features like Wi-Fi security and Kill Switch

- Supportive customer service


SaferVPN pricing plan starts at $9 per month which is comparatively cheaper than other more established services like ExpressVPN and NordVPN. However, through buying long term plans you can bring the per month price down even further. For a 12-month plan, you pay $66 and for a 24-month plan, you are charged $79 which translates into $5.5 and $3.3 per month respectively.


Device Compatibility

You can easily download and install SaferVPN on iOS, Android, MacOS and Windows. For those who want extensions, there is an option to install plug-in for Chrome and Firefox.

Another option that SaferVPN gives is you can buy a router with SaferVPN installed on the hardware.

User Friendliness

When it comes to user interface and experience, there are no demons here. SaferVPN is easier to use than most VPN apps. Settings and features sections are pretty self-explanatory and intuitive to use. However, don't confuse the lack of complexity for the lack of features. The VPN service is loaded with all the modern security and privacy features that you might need.


Privacy and Security

SaferVPN is located in Israel where privacy regulations are strong and government surveillance is very limited. That being said, SaferVPN's No Logging policy is a bit sketchy as service's privacy policy reveals that SaferVPN collects usage stats to prevent frauds and offer a high quality of service. These usage stats include the date and time of sessions being and end. However, IP addresses and browsing activity aren't logged.


You would have a hard time finding a faster VPN service than SaferVPN. The speeds at peak performance are lightning fast and you'd be able to use Netflix and other streaming services without any lag.

However, the performance isn't consistent as from time to time, the service will connect you to an overloaded server causing slowdown in internet speed. For the most part, the service makes a good choice of server but there will be occasional hiccups.


Final Word

All factors taken into account, SaferVPN is a safe choice as it gives you speed, privacy and features at an affordable price. However, if you are going to pay up for a long term plan, NordVPN offers much more value at the same price.


Performance 4.5/5 Speedy performance with occasional issues.
Device Compatibility 5/5 Compatible with all types of devices and operating systems.
Privacy & Security 4.5/5 Reasonable privacy and security features.
Pricing 5/5 One of the most affordable annual plans.
Features 4.5/5 Decent amount of features.

Overall Score 4.7/5


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